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Dear Patrons,

Firstly, a very big welcome to our Pineapple Blue Media Retail Store for all our unique and exclusive original products, these being; Printed Books, Digital eBooks, Music Records, Ring Tones, Short Films and Merchandise, all designed, written, produced and created by ourselves.

For your peace of mind, I will now take you through our customer services policies and terms.

My name is Alastair Agutter, and I am the founder of Pineapple Blue. I established the brand in 1995 in Great Britain, being one of the world's very first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses.

Over these past years, I am very proud to say that we are friends and partners with the biggest in retail, and the very best in technology. Having trusted working partnership relations with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, GoDaddy, Shopify, Snip Sell, Kobo, Google Play, Draft 2 Digital, Create Space, Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Books2Read, Playster, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest, McAfee, Norton and many more.

Whilst we work in partnership with many well known respected names, we are a small family orientated business and this makes us very unique in many ways. We are in legal terms a sole trader and financially unencumbered. We operate small running costs, as we are the very best in what we do, with regards to design and creativity of products. And so we do not contract out for services, as all editing, design, and production is carried out by ourselves in house.

Our focus is on contributing to making an informed and inspired society, to advance the human story and journey, and so every specialist book we create and write to help folk on their life's journey is the thing that matters most to us. The same can be said for our music. If it motivates and inspires, and provides a better quality of life for folk, well then we like to think we are contributing in a positive way.

Our design and creativity is second to none, and to put this into perspective, I spent an entire year designing the iconic Pineapple Blue logo, and this standard we maintain today, as show cased in the recent design updates to our official Brand web site 'Alastair Agutter' seeking simplistic perfection in content, to icons, to images. We offer our services to those in the community who recognize and appreciate our skills, and who place the interests of the community and citizens before profit, and therefore selective on who we work with as clients, and only if they share our values.

We are a green policy enterprise, our operations sit at the heart of the environment, and have been advocates for conservation since our very first book was published back in 1989, warning of climate change and deforestation. Even before that time, I was conscious of the impact humanity was having to all life on Earth, with the sinking of the SS Torrey Canyon, spilling 120,000 tons of crude oil back in 1967.

So you must forgive us, if from time to time, we feature issues that are important to all of us, so we can all learn to become good shepherds as primate specie custodians on Earth, for the welfare and care of all life.


Our Catalogue and Collection of Products

Our aim is to continue uploading and making available our entire collection of products, especially our specialist reference books to serve as valuable companions and friends to our readers in pursuit of their hobbies, interests and pastimes. Whilst our publications being specialist reference books, on average over 30% are Best Sellers, and very often for Fish and Aquariums we may have at anyone time between 4 to 6 in the Amazon Best Sellers Top 100.

Our music and ring tones are more recent offerings, with plans to add many more original works to the catalogue for our readers and listeners.

Our Merchandise is to offer something different to customers who like to be unique and different, for none of these products are sold on mass and limited to a small number each year, to retain the kudos of the brand and our proud image for the very best in products and services.


How to Easily Order

Ordering is easy, and payment is through PayPal, a facility where our customers can make payments from their accounts already in credit and can easily buy items they seek to own. Or with PayPal having the facility in place to make payments where customers can draw from their debit or visa cards via the PayPal payments  structure and system.


Delivery of Products

All orders with regards to delivery are secure. Physical items are dispatched within 7 days using a postal or courier service with tracking. We say 7 days as we dispatch all items once a week on a Monday or Friday.

With regards to digital books and music, this of course is sent via download on check out to your desired devices or pc's location. All digital book formats are ePub. But upon special request if this format is not suitable for a customer, we will happily email a PDF edition, that can be viewed on any device.

Ring Tones and Music are Mp3 Format and again securely delivered to your preferred device.

Digital delivery of products is virtually instant and delivery is free!


Customer Refunds and Returns

Our terms of trading are compliant to current trading standards regulations and laws. We will therefore provide a replacement or refund in the event of damage.

Whilst we know most of our customers to be decent and honourable, staff have over 40 years mail order experience, dating back to 1979, and will recognize fraud being committed by customers, and will immediately inform enforcement agencies of such crimes.

We have built our business up on trust and reputation, none more so than with our valued customers and patrons. We therefore expect goodwill and trust to operate in both directions.

If you are aware of any fraud being committed by an individual, or an organized crime entity, please report it to: Action Fraud - National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. Thank You!


Other Related Services and Features

Shortly after founding Pineapple Blue in 1995, a year or so later, we partnered with Real Networks, as a Program Producer Partner, creating 'Live Online Radio' one of the world's first on demand web radio stations. Today I am pleased to say we continue the service with News, Features, Interviews, Podcasts and more. You can even listen to our remastered Live Online Radio 'Classic Jingle' every famous Radio Station has one!

Live Online Radio can be located here on the Founder's Official Brand Web Site, along with a nostalgic history feature, looking back in time to the early hazy days of the web, with our archived images. Live Online Radio!

For more news and updates, you can also visit our 'Media News Stream' on the Founders Official Web Site and Subscribe also to our Real Time Live RSS Feeds for instant notifications through your Mozilla Fire Fox Browser. Visit Media News Stream! 


Legal Documentation

For your further peace of mind, please visit our Parent Organization's official web site for our entire 'Terms of Use Policy' our 'Privacy Policy' and lastly our 'Cookies Policy' legal documentation. Thank You!


Customer Services and Contact Details

All customer orders placed will be furnished with full contact details in the event of a problem with any order.

Thank you again for your valuable custom and patronage.

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Alastair Agutter


Pineapple Blue Media Retail

London, England,

United Kingdom